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Large Hydraulic Cushion Flap Valve
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Large Hydraulic Cushion Flap Valve

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Hydraulic damping-door is a check valve products, relying on the door and the door page weight difference between internal and external pressure, automatically opening and closing, sealing, anti-return performance, corrosion resistance, ease of installation management.

Hydraulic buffer-to-door for drainage and sewage treatment works to a variety of channels, rivers, drainage channels, the mouth of the shore-return purposes, it is only a one-way flow of rectangular channel for the outlet.

Hydraulic damping-door Specifications:

Hydraulic damping-door design is generally required in the outlet channel for more than 2m × 2m, giving priority to the hydraulic buffer-to-door.

Structural features:

Hydraulic damping-door closed with a positive opening and reverse the role of doorway pages and doorway pages from the previous section next section composed of doorway pages, doorway pages using the buoyancy in the water and doors page and external pressures errand door open or close the page. In addition, the door is installed on the hydraulic buffer device page, close the door when the door to reduce the seat base hit.

The advantages of the hydraulic buffer door;

a, doorway pages for the sealed chamber structure, doorway pages, accounting for 1.05-1.2;

b, the configuration without hanging weight;

c, page open door, open the first page under the section of the door, push-to-end hydraulic piston unit of water into the cylinder body, the door section on page buoyancy in the water and open simultaneously to open the angle.

d, closed the door pages, section on page to close the door, pull the door the next section while the flow of hydraulic piston device through the orifice from the cylinder body is out, slowed down in the next section the door closing time, greatly reduces the door page Block-based closed-door impact force.

Hydraulic damping-door-door installation:

1, the door will be installed with embedded Anchorage gantry welding and pouring two concrete.

2, double pontoon-to-door in the course, you can page through the sealed chamber to the door or turn on the water injection method to change the proportion of doorway pages in order to achieve the best results on.

3, multiple door installation, as a result of lifting conditions need to install a semicolon, should be noted that annotation tags for each door and the door of the portal page to connect with an even, are not interchangeable.

Hydraulic damping-door Installation Notes:

1, door installation, first check all parts of the bolt is caused due to transport handling loose should be tightened if loose.

2, check the main portal page with links to the door only on whether the water dislocation, dislocation, if you will only loose bolts to adjust the water in the same plane.

3, door installation installation should be used for the whole place to prohibit the portal, doorway pages split installation, to prevent the door leaf deformation.

4, two door before pouring the whole place after looking good before and after lifting, so the correct position, and then with embedded steel weld.

5-door factory, in order to portal, doorway pages fit the tighter, reducing the installation space, door-door in the upper and lower pressure on the page board installed iron. After the card should be on-site installation of iron removal, so that the door opening and closing.

6, the pouring of concrete, the flow block the door, doorway pages, inclined railways, baffle gap in the mortar should be removed, to prevent mortar freezing effect opening and closing.

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