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In the beautiful East China Sea, stands a new port city ---- Ningbo, where the economic and cultural development, convenient transportation, history and culture, colorful scenery charming. Pumps Industry Co., Ltd. Ningbo Titans will be located in the urban southeast Yunlong Industrial Zone, the company has over 20 years of submersible pump production development process, looking back at Titans pump development, vivid memories, emotions.

"JUSHEN" Company was formally established in the late 1980s, "JUSHEN" mark of conception from the lips of people: "the power of God's enormous," the famous, a symbol of the company's products in terms of scale, size, technology, quality aspects are for the most outstanding. Two years passed and, so-called, laughing all the vicissitudes of life two decades, aspirations endless Mitsue days.

Two decades, "JUSHEN" of the plant from the initial plant development in a few simple now 4.6 million square meters of standard factory buildings.

Two decades, "JUSHEN" product from a single species, extending to the current 12 series more than a thousand specifications.

Two decades, "JUSHEN" from the door carrying pump sales to the country has a good network of sales channels. Products in more than 20 domestic provinces and cities some of the key projects are widely used, for example: for a busy area of ​​Guangdong Zhaoqing City, white sand pumping stations, large-size 1125-10kV high-voltage transmission planetary gear submersible pump, Nanchang Qingshan Lake 30 tons of sewage treatment plant, 500,000 tons of Ningbo East Lake water plant, Guangzhou Metro, Shenzhen Metro, Metro Chengdu, Xi'an subway, Tianjin Metro, Guangzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center, Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center, Shanghai LRT Line pumping station and other major projects with my company produced a series of pumps, and received by users.

Two decades, "JUSHEN" rapid research, has been awarded 16 patents, 35 utility model patents.

Two decades, "JUSHEN" from the struggle to survive to the present efforts to build national submersible pump industry leader, its QZB (QHB) series submersible axial (mixed) flow pump, high-power satellite gear drive submersible pumps, domestic pumps as the only industry in the Ministry of Water Resources issued a document should be recommended for widespread adoption of new products, the professional production of large submersible pumps of the advanced enterprises.

Two decades, "JUSHEN" honor fully loaded; "JUSHEN" trademark was awarded China Famous Trademark, Zhejiang Province, the state high-tech enterprises, the state AAA "good credit" units, "large-scale planetary submersible pump" is included in the national Torch Program. "JUSHEN" brand pumps were named the national exemption product, Zhejiang famous brand.

Two decades, lofty ideals, hard fighting and good governance in the journey to achieve steady.

Two years time goes by, Titans Pump flourish today's brilliant cast, stand in this new starting point, "JUSHEN" ready to go, a hundred years to achieve the dream of the sailing……

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The main submersible pumps are: submersible mixed flow pump, submersible sewage pump, submersible inclined pump, QHB series submersible axial mixed flow pump, WQK series submersible sewage pump, WQD series submersible cutting pump, WLB series vertical sewage pump, GZ series tubular pump , Pump door and control system equipment.

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