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Service system

Service system

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Our company has always been to provide quality and thoughtful service as a lifeline for survival and development, has always attached great importance to the daily maintenance and construction projects, management training, and in this regard, we have a wealth of experience and pride in the success of example.

Company set up a service center, the user long-term technical support and services. After a long-term development, the service center has accumulated a wealth of practical experience and strong technical force, established a perfect service system:


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The main submersible pumps are: submersible mixed flow pump, submersible sewage pump, submersible inclined pump, QHB series submersible axial mixed flow pump, WQK series submersible sewage pump, WQD series submersible cutting pump, WLB series vertical sewage pump, GZ series tubular pump , Pump door and control system equipment.

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