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Dear customers and friends from all walks of life:

First of all welcome Ningbo Jushen Pumps Industry Co., Ltd. website, on behalf of the company all staff to all the concern and support the development of my company 's friends, expressed heartfelt thanks!

Jushen Pumps begins from 80 time end the development and production of electric submersible pump, is the first domestic production of the manufacturers of such products, but also in Zhejiang province starts the earliest, the largest submersible pump manufacturers, the company created a large submersible sewage pump and the high pressure submersible axial-flow pump, precedent, to fill the domestic and foreign history of diving pump blank. The company forge ahead, blaze new trails, over the years has made brilliant achievements, has become a domestic large scale submersible electric pump production base.

Time passes very quickly., time flies, giant god pump has gone through twenty years of the spring and autumn, in this twenty years, we always adhere to: In order to" quality products, enthusiastic service" as a corporate survival and development the cornerstone. On product quality and service quality long catch indefatigable, strict requirements, to ensure the quality of famous brand, to improve the efficiency of services.

To "new and high technology, continuous innovation" as the enterprise survival and the development of blood. The product innovation of science and technology as the leading, and actively promote the system and management innovation, development of new products, open up new areas, show a new image, the giant god pump to create new value.

"In the integrity of customers, return on society" as the enterprise survival and development of the soul. As the integrity of promoting enterprises improve productivity spiritual power, inside and outside the enterprise to return as the bridge of effective communication.

No matter how the market changes,"JuShen" people strive to follow the " stand on solid ground, refine on, to serve the community" business purposes, continue to the giant god products to a broader market, and hope that all sectors of the community friends to visit our company" inspection, guidance, and seek common development, create brilliant", we will be more quality products, more perfect service to return the love of society.

Chairman:Jianguo Ying

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The main submersible pumps are: submersible mixed flow pump, submersible sewage pump, submersible inclined pump, QHB series submersible axial mixed flow pump, WQK series submersible sewage pump, WQD series submersible cutting pump, WLB series vertical sewage pump, GZ series tubular pump , Pump door and control system equipment.

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