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Service Mode

Service Mode

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(1) remote service

We provide hotline services, and network online consultation. Customers can consult the product specific.

Product sales, we have 7 × 24 hour hotline support service. Once such equipment failure or management personnel during the operation of the equipment have questions can call the hotline, the company's technical support staff will ask the phenomenon of failure, then the user to answer the questions.

(2) on-site service

Service of specific products have permanent on-site service and fault repair services in two ways. Permanent on-site support services is the main mode of trial operation in equipment, testing period, mechanical, electrical engineers resident client-side technical support; fault repair service approach means that when our service engineers or technical support engineers receive user After repair, the user arrived at the scene within the specified time for troubleshooting.

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The main submersible pumps are: submersible mixed flow pump, submersible sewage pump, submersible inclined pump, QHB series submersible axial mixed flow pump, WQK series submersible sewage pump, WQD series submersible cutting pump, WLB series vertical sewage pump, GZ series tubular pump , Pump door and control system equipment.

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