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Common sense of normal use of submersible pumps

Common sense of normal use of submersible pumps

2020-04-29 17:35

Submersible pumps often fail during use, many of which are caused by the use of stainless steel submersible pumps and improper maintenance. The following issues must be paid attention to during the use and maintenance of submersible pumps.

1. The submersible pump cannot be dehydrated. Test run under anhydrous conditions, the time shall not exceed 5 minutes. During the pumping process, if the water level continues to drop, be careful not to allow the pump body to work above the water surface.

2. The submersible pump cannot be restarted immediately after it is stopped. It can be started only after the water in the pipe has returned. If no water can flow out after starting, stop the machine immediately to find out the cause and eliminate it.

3. For submersible pumps of different models, the matching rubber tube, iron tube or canvas tube inner diameter should meet the technical requirements according to the specified head.

4. When the submersible pump is put into the water or raised to the surface, you must pull the rope on the "ear climber", and never pull the cable. If you want to transport, disassemble or repair, you should cut off the power first.

5. The diving depth of submersible pumps is generally 0.5 to 3.0 meters. When submersible pumps are submerged in the water, they should be lifted vertically, not lying horizontally, and not falling into mud.

6. Submersible pumps should not be started frequently, and should not be used for irrigation or drainage of water or mud water with high sand content. When in use, the outside of the pump can be covered with bamboo net or barbed wire to prevent weeds from blocking the submersible pump grid or jamming the pump impeller.

7. After starting up, if the impeller reverses, and the water output is greatly reduced or no water is discharged at this time, the machine should be stopped immediately, and any two phases of the three-phase core wire in the cable shall be exchanged to make the water flow out. There should be a special person to look after the work, and immediately stop the machine for inspection if any abnormality is found.

8. The submersible pump should use DFA-25/330 automatic air circuit breaker as the control equipment. If there is no such switch, a three-phase knife switch can also be used, but a 6-amp electric fuse must be installed.

9. The power supply should be selected according to the regulations. If the distance between the power supply and the pump is short, the cross-sectional area of ​​the wiring cable should be appropriately enlarged, and the joints should be as few as possible to ensure that the normal voltage is between 342418V. To ensure safety, a metal rod with a length of more than 1 meter can be buried in the wet ground near the power supply or water pump as a ground wire.

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