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How to maintain the submersible pump?

How to maintain the submersible pump?

2020-04-29 17:36

Submersible pumps are very common in our lives, especially in agricultural irrigation, industrial and mining water supply, and human and livestock water use in plateau and mountainous areas. Don't neglect the maintenance of the submersible pump when using the submersible pump, otherwise it will easily cause the submersible pump to malfunction and affect the work efficiency and quality. Let's talk about the maintenance precautions of the submersible pump.

First, before using the submersible pump, check the machine's switches, cables, electric shock protectors, etc., to ensure that these things are not abnormal, and the submersible pump can be started only when it can work normally. In particular, the machine must be well grounded to avoid electric shock accidents.

Second, the insulation resistance of the submersible pump should be checked regularly. If it is lower than 0.5MΩ, it does not meet the requirements. It should be handled in time to ensure the normal operation of the machine.

Third, check the drain hole and holes regularly, and tighten it if there is no abnormality. When the submersible pump enters or exits water, cut off the power supply and pull up the rope on the lifting ring.

Fourth, if the submersible pump has been working for more than 300 hours, a sensitive water inspection must be carried out. If the released water is less than 25 ml, then check whether the rubber seal has been damaged. It should be noted that the submersible pump cannot be buried in the river mud to work, because there are more debris in the river mud, which will affect the working effect of the submersible pump.

Pay attention to the above problems, then the submersible pump can complete the work smoothly.

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